SmaRTGas Baltic

SmaRTGas Baltic is a  project financed by the Swedish Institute. The aim is to incorporate Baltic Sea Region countries in the SmaRTGas network and later on in the SmaRTGas innovation cluster.

The project is coordinated by Renewtec AB in close collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology, Lithuanian Energy Institute and Institute of Power Engineering, Poland.


On the 29th of October (from left to right) Dr. Tomasz Golec, Janina Ilmurzynska, Dr. Ülo Kask, Dr. Siim Link, Dr. Andrius Tamošiunas, Dr. Nerijus Striugas and Dr. Jörgen Held met and discussed collaboration possibilities between Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

On the 30th of October the SmaRTGas Baltic seminar on small scale biomethane technology and market conditions took place at Scandic Triangeln, Malmö. Leading international biomethane experts and technology providers were invited to speak together with the Baltic Sea Region project partners.

09:15 Dr. Jörgen Held, CEO Renewtec AB and coordinator of the SmaRTGas network Welcome and introduction
09:35 Prof. Jürgen Karl, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Heatpipe reformer technology for small scale biomethane production
10:00 Mr. Sebastian Fendt, Technische Universität München Methanation R&D at Technische Universität München
10:25 Dr. Anni Alitalo, Natural Resources Institute of Finland Biological methanation of syngas (presentation not available due to pending patent application)
10:50-11:15 COFFEE BREAK
11:15 Dr. Luc Rabou, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands ESME – ECN System for Methanation
11:40 Mr. Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus AB WoodRoll® – ultraclean syngas for biomethane production
12:05 Mr. Matt Babicki, Principal, G4 Insights Inc. PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation for biomethane production
12:30-13:30 LUNCH
13:30 Dr. Siim Link, Tallinn University of Technology The energy situation and biomethane market conditions in Estonia
13:55 Dr. Nerijus Striūgas, Lithuanian Energy Institute The energy situation and biomethane market conditions in Lithuania. Potential of LEI toward biomethane production.
14:20 Dr. Tomasz Golec, Institute of Power Engineering The energy situation and biomethane market conditions in Poland
14:45 Dr. Attila Kovacs, European Biogas Association The present status and future prospects of biomethane production and policies in Europe
15:10 Dr. Jörgen Held SUMMARY

The main “take aways” from the seminar were

  • There is a strong ongoing technology development within the field of small scale gasification and methanation
  • The technology providers are aiming at demo or commercial plants with a capacity (~5-10 MWth) well aligned with the SmaRTGas initiative
  • There is a strong interest in the Baltic Sea Region to take advantage of biomethane as a renewable fuel
  • The European Biogas Association advocates biomethane produced through biochemical or thermochemical conversion of biomass as well as via the Power-to-gas concept as long as the carbon source is considered renewable. Since it’s obvious that there is a need for instruments in favour of renewable alternatives it’s important to “educate” the decision makers such as the European Commission as well as the public of the inherent advantages of biomethane as a fuel. Here the European Biogas Association plays a central role as “the voice of biomethane in Europe”.

Small scale gasification and methanation