Project description

Project period
February 2015 – October 2015 (Financed by Region Skåne)
September 2015 – February 2016 (Financed by Swedish Institute)
The activity to build up the SmaRTGas Innovation Cluster is ongoing.

491 450 SEK (The Region Skåne project)
205 152 SEK (The SmaRTGas Baltic Project financed by the Swedish Institute)

Vision (The Region Skåne project)
Develop Scania (the southernmost province in Sweden) to be the leading region in small scale biomethane production through gasification and methanation of biomass and waste not suitable for anaerobic digestion or food production.

Besides new plants and new production capacity of renewable methane, the innovation cluster is expected to contribute to regional development, new job opportunities, and the creation of high tech companies with excellence in gasification and methanation technology and its business opportunities.

Mission (The Region Skåne project)
To investigate the conditions to build up an innovation cluster within the field of small scale biomethane production through gasification and methanation of biomass and waste.

Contact people conducting international and national spearhead research and development within the field of small scale gasification and methanation as well as regional market players interested in biomethane and to take advantage of locally available feedstock.

Targets(The Region Skåne project)

  • Arrange a workshop where strategically important stakeholders are invited
  • Perform an inventory of feedstock in Scania suitable for gasification and methanation, and estimate the biomethane potential
  • Contact at least 10 international and national universities and research institutes conducting spearhead research and development to join the innovation cluster
  • Contact at least 10 industrial actors and market players to join the innovation cluster
  • Investigate the possibility to include stakeholders from the member states in the Baltic Sea region through the Swedish Institute
  • Apply for public funding in order to create and establish the innovation cluster


Small scale gasification and methanation