SmaRTGas is an initiative on creating the world’s largest innovation cluster on small scale biomethane production through thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste.

Why biomethane?
Biomethane through gasification and methanation has the highest conversion efficiency, from biomass to final product, of all second generation biofuels. Biomethane is also the fuel with the best emission data of today’s commercially available fuels. There are several advantages with small scale plants such as:

  • a lower financial risk due to the smaller investment
  • easier to secure the feedstock and a more simple logistic due to the lower amount of biomass and/or waste needed to operate the plant
  • easier to match the excess process heat with the local heat demand

The high specific investment cost normally associated with down-scaling can be avoided by opting for technologies suitable for small scale production.

Sweden has probably the best conditions in the world for demonstration of small scale gasification and methanation due to:

  • a relatively high natural gas price
  • tax exemption on biomethane (energy tax and carbon dioxide tax) when used as transport fuel
  • vast forest resources and well developed biomass logistic
  • a well developed market for biomethane as transport fuel
  • strong regional ambitions and initiatives such as the Scania biogas roadmap

SmaRTGas is financed by:

Region Skåne


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Small scale gasification and methanation